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The Breakdown I received my “Hobonichi Techo 2015” a week or two ago and let me tell ya’, I’ve been picking it up and ruffling through it every day. It’s just so beautiful! For those that don’t know, “Techo” (which is pronounced like “tetch-o”) means “planner” or “handbook” in Japanese, while “Hobonichi” is the “brand” name. These Japanese planners are intensely popular with around half a million users, as stated on their website, and growing. […]

Reverse Culture Shock

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[Disclaimer: Even though I only spent six weeks in South Korea, I learned a great deal and spent every day with several native Koreans, so I know a little something, but … I’m not a cultural expert, so all the things below are just musings by me. Take them seriously, don’t take them seriously, it doesn’t really matter because they’re just my opinions, right? :)] After spending weeks immersed in South Korean culture, the mere acts of getting […]