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I got the chance to shoot the beautiful Kalia Moua the other day. It was such a great time and she is so photogenic, I couldn’t bring myself to delete any photos. Taking pictures of people who are inexperienced in front of the camera is really fun and the shoot is often full of laughter, but shooting experienced people can be like that too. I initially thought that the “editorial” side of photography was really cold, […]

A Day with Alina

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Camera / Loved Ones

I spent the day yesterday with one of my oldest friends, Alina. She came over and we took a couple of photos, braving the cold Wisconsin winter. George Herbert said, “The best mirror is an old friend.” It’s funny when you come in contact again with someone missed from the past. Memories rush back, old gossip comes up, and a familiar feeling of comfort falls over you. It’s such a wonderful feeling.