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With the hectics of life, everyone needs a happy place to retreat to once in a while. For me when I was young, it was my bedroom. I would hide away and enjoy it so much that I was never sent to it whenever I misbehaved. Then it was the bathroom because what other room can you lock yourself in and be automatically granted at least five minutes of respected privacy? In my teenage years, I found myself drawn to the outdoors. Whenever my temper reached a certain point, I found that a calming breeze ruffling the leaves of trees and the tendrils of my hair comforted me like nothing else could. Now? Now, this little corner of wilderness brings me a profound sort of joy.
My mother accidentally created it, only wanting her plants to get adequate sunlight, and now it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Wide windows, pink shades, two old wooden chairs and a small table. All hidden away in the back of her local business.
I don’t spend much time here, but whenever the chance comes, I take a few seconds to just soak in the strange peace that emanates from this collision of worlds.


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