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As 2014 exits, I’m struck with a flurry of thoughts. A new year has always been a concept of hope. It’s believed that once the clock strikes twelve, gaping wounds will be slathered with glue, blood red guilt will be able to be washed away from hearts, and a gift of beginning will be waiting at the door. One large reset button. I’ve always believed this in one form or another.

Today, I would like to give thanks. I want to thank you for everything that you are. I want to thank my friends and family for uncovering new parts of themselves. I want to thank myself for honesty.

I want to thank the dark times, the hard times, the stressful times. I want to thank those small bits of happiness and laughter. I want to thank humanity for giving us the hardest puzzle to solve: ourselves.

To this new year: you will be conquered.
From: all of us.
*my spirit animal: Penelope.

“With her head-strong determination and good fortune, Penelope is the perfect depiction of overcoming impossible odds! Her person wager against anyone using the phrase “When pigs fly!” has brought much abundance and prosperity indeed!”

May you experience happiness, sadness, and joy in this new year. Happy 2015!


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