A Christmas Gathering

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What was last week? That’s right, finals week. Oh those two words have tortured me day and night. They sucked everything good out of me, and by the end, I was a dry, empty carcass.
And what do we do with  dry, empty carcasses? We feed them.
DSC06754 DSC06745DSC06748
Thus, a humble homemade Christmas gathering was created.
DSC06749  DSC06759 DSC06765 DSC06757
Souls were eased and tummies tightened.
A splendid meal was eaten in shared relief.
Our celebration of the season was complete with talks of superheroes and puns.DSC06768It’s wonderful to find compatibility with such inspiring individuals.
Shared smiles resonate forever.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. sweetpea2love says

    A lovely post about regaining yourself after finals, Happy Holidays to you as well.. Take care & happy blogging to ya :)

    Liked by 1 person


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