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I may have found the cutest bookmarks ever!! These Sailor Moon ones couldn’t have been more perfect, as Sailor Moon Crystal is in the middle of airing and I am in complete love with it. Also! Studio Ghibli bookmarks? Ugh!~ Just throw em’ at me! The Etsy shop also sells Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Despicable Me bookmarks plus so much more, but seriously, don’t visit their site unless you’re ready to buy everything.

I made the leap and got two different Sailor Moon ones. I couldn’t choose. My life is obviously the most difficult. Untitled-2
And then this Studio Ghibli set. So good. So so good. Untitled-1
DSC06219-2These are so great and I love them so much, but I think the lower quality is something I didn’t expect. I assumed they were going to be thicker and maybe a bit more plastic, but it’s my fault for not checking up on it. I’ll probably be displaying these more than using them, but eh, that works!

Make sure to pop on over to the craft’ed shop and join in on the fun.
Happy reading everyone!


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