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I’ve been eating quite a lot of different foods this week, kind of just experimenting with items I wouldn’t normally eat, and boy has it been a treat. My ultimate favorite is buying a loaf of bread, any bread at all because all bread is delicious, toasting it in the oven, and then slabbing a piece of cheese or spreading a bit of cheese spread on it. Sigh. I can honestly finish a loaf by myself. But I don’t do that. Nope. I usually get stopped before I can.
Another thing I adore is infusing different items in water. I don’t drink coffee or tea, so doing this is great when I get tired of good ol’ regular flavored H2O. In this case, I was preparing to make a noodle soup (Khaub Piaj), so I decided on some ginger, half an onion, lemongrass, diced onions (kind of pointless for the infusion, but great with the noodles!), lime leaves, and two apple slices (which were delish afterwards). After I let these boil for a bit, I took a cup out for myself and left the rest on for the chicken stock.

The infused water is delicious, it’s not bitter like tea, nor plain like water, it just tastes amazingly fresh. I’m looking forward to finding out what my favorite combinations are. I’ll maybe try some cinnamon bark or chili powder in the future for an extra spice. Endless possibilities! If you haven’t tried this before, go crazy!
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