A Graze Box

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Look what I found in the mail! I love mail so much I think it’s a problem. Is that why I always feel the urge to shop online? Is that why Amazon is my best friend? I get new stuff, feel happy for about three minutes, then I go and buy something else –this all along with feelings of indifference and emptiness.

But anyhow, this Graze box is awesome! This was my first, and I received Pear Tatin, Tomato & Basil Pizza, Sriracha Peas & Corn, and Hot Cross Yum. I absolutely loved snacking on the top two, while my bestie raved about the bottom. It was really delicious. The only thing is, I’m not a huge fan of snack mixes. I tend to keep to one texture at a time, and this is just an explosion.


I don’t think this kind of thing is for me, but I really think that it’s suited for people who maybe want to keep track of how much they’re snacking on. It’s really handy to have small (but ‘filling’) cartridges to bring on the go. Each little package ranged from 100-200 calories and I definitely didn’t feel guilty after eating them, … they’ve got that magical quality that tastes “healthy”.

And then here I am in a puppy chow phase.
Happy snacking!


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