Moving into my Midori

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Yes, I’m finally part of the Midori Traveler’s Notebook family! Purchased this baby on Amazon and no regrets thus far, so yay! Moleskines have been my primary journals, but because I’m trying to refresh my state of mind, I’ve decided to finally give the good Midori a go. It feels fantastic, and holds so much potential. I can’t wait to grow with it.
DSC05917 DSC05918 DSC05923 Along with an extra notebook, I also took the liberty and grabbed a zip pocket for random necessities. The adorable face stickers I purchased in South Korea, the washi tape from random excursions, the banners and paper clips from Studio Calico’s Project Life kits, and the elastics were included.
DSC05925This handy device I also brought back from South Korea, but Amazon thankfully sells the Rapesco version, which I love and will buy if this one ever breaks down on me (I’m kind of hoping it will because I’m a sucker for color). You can learn more about Midori here. Happy journaling!


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