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Adventures / Camera / Photo Diary / South Korea

I was lucky enough to still be in Korea during Simon and Martina’s (aka Eat Your Kimchi’s) cafe opening, so of course attendance was mandatory.
DSC05598 DSC05601
A hot day complete with blue skies and a glowing sun. We stood in line for about three hours before at last getting inside the building. Simon, Martina, and the whole TTMIK crew were so kind and thoughtful, many of them going up and down the line of people offering cups of water.
DSC05611 DSC05613 DSC05624
Simon and Martina were a rare sight, but it was always fun and exciting whenever they poked their heads out to see if we all were still okay. I must say, they are adorable in real life!
DSC05627 DSC05635 DSC05638 DSC05642
These gorgeous mugs were on sale. My friend bought two!
DSC05643 DSC05644
Cue creeper shot of Simon. DSC05646 DSC05648 DSC05649 DSC05651 DSC05654
Fantastic job on the decor.

In the end, I got a picture with four out of the five people I was most excited to meet (Leigh was nowhere to be found)! It was an afternoon well spent!

Everyone was so kind and it was really obvious how much they appreciated having everybody there. I especially noticed how down to earth they were with each fan and how they actually tried to create conversations versus just brushing them off as one of many. I was also impressed with us fans for being respectful and giving each person a turn to interact with our favorite YouTubers. Thank you <3 Much love and luck in your future endeavors! Go Nasties! Hoorah!


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