Booking a Guesthouse in Seoul [Hongdae]

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With my international study coming to an end (my exams take place in the next two days), a guesthouse is in need. I have taken an extra three days to stay in Seoul and experience the city with four of my American friends, and together, we’ll then head back home. Ah~ these past five weeks have been an experience. New fantabulous friends have been made, travel plans for the next three years have been mapped out, and tears will be soon shared in the next week. It’s hard to let go of South Korea and the people that I feel like I have just met, but there is a home to get back to and studies to once again begin.

To book my guesthouse, I went straight to airbnb, a site where you can find places to stay on a budget all over the world, hosted by welcoming individuals and families. After finding an amazing place in Hongdae, my group and I immediately booked it and were then welcomed by the host via message.

Updates will be updated and soon, an experience will be shared. Good night!


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