Baseball in Seoul

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I spent yesterday in Seoul. Yes, I went to Seoul again. One would think I would try to stay away from it after the first unlucky visit, but nah. 
We stopped first at a dumpling shop. Oh! I was so excited. My first Korean mandu!! Everything was delicious. And surprise surprise Youkyung had also ordered a bowl of naengmyeon, which was also another first. I loved it.
The baseball game started at 5, and because we left at around 10:30, time was aplenty. Excessive walking was to be experienced. Never wear sandals to Seoul because you will die.  DSC04257 DSC04258
Rachel and Laura are cute~
Orders of patbingsu and shopping sprees were conducted.
Street performers were awed at (this man was amazing).
Temples visited.
Chicken consumed.
And a baseball game finally began! We were rooting for the Eagles, who pulled off a win in the end! It was a fantastic experience. Opposing fans on either side of the stadium shouting out conducted cheers throughout the two hour game and our team grabbing the winning point in the ninth inning. Woo!
DSC04374Seoul is great, but my heart lies in Suwon.


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