The Beautiful Jeju Island

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Adventures / Camera / Photo Diary / South Korea

A two night-three day stay on the beach of Jeju Island plus touring plus wonderful smells plus sweaty shirts plus a hotel with no wifi, no lotion, no iron, and no towels, but with a wonderful hosing area outside the side door and a wonderful breakfast spread and friendly service plus taking hikes and indirect bonding with near-future classmates?

Yes. Yes to it all.

Though the days were long and the nights were short, my stay at Jeju Island with my just-saw-you-a-day-ago-but-I-didn’t-actually-get-to-talk-to-you-much classmates was wonderful. Sometimes, there are things that you didn’t know you needed, but when exposed, you finally realize that yes, this is the answer to life. Jeju Island was that.

Below are snapshots of my time there. Truthfully, I’m wiped out. Therefore, I’ll save the explaining and captions for my journal. All in all, it was a lot of sight seeing and water (from the sky, from the sea). I had the best time and will forever yearn for another taste of the famous Jeju oranges.

DSC03856 DSC03860 DSC03869 DSC03886 DSC03897 DSC03913 DSC03916 DSC03918 DSC03939 DSC03943 DSC03950 DSC03952 DSC03986 DSC04009 DSC04047 DSC04055 DSC04062 DSC04066 DSC04068 DSC04071 DSC04075 DSC04076 DSC04101I love flying. There’s just something about it. I’m sure if you feel the same as I, you understand what I mean.

The cave: Manjanggul Cave
The horrendously never-ending steps: Seongsan Ilchul Peak
The rock shaped like a dragon’s head: Yongduam Rock



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