People at Airports

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– a little girl and a man. she approaches his sitting figure with a pout on her small face and grumbles a few words. he smiles as she speaks and then softly takes her head, slightly bends his back, and they connect foreheads. he’s speaking gently as the girl remains silent. he pulls her in for a hug, enveloping her tiny body whole. she plays with his hair. a little later, she’s speaking excitedly with a smile on her face while carefully exploring his facial features with her small, thin fingers. the man sits as still as he can for a few seconds until he again pulls her in.

– a man leads his two little boys toward the viewing deck. they both carry towering cones of vanilla ice cream, freshly purchased from mcdonalds. one little boy increases his speed and the father follows. the one left behind drops his cone. splat, face down. he stills. then looks up, a frightened expression on his face. the father turns back and sees, approaches, and musses the boy’s straight blonde hair. the cone is then picked up and the floor cleaned. the other boy is silently watching, curious. the man motions for them to follow him as he heads back to mcdonalds.


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A reader, photographer, and writer of all things.


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