My Journey to South Korea

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Well! As of right now, I am residing in my dorm hall in Suwon, South Korea!! I haven’t been able to connect to wifi, but thank goodness one of my roommates brought a cord~ I was deprived, I tell ya. Wanted to Google nearby restaurants, but was denied. Wanted to email a coordinator, but was denied. Wanted to tell my family I arrived, but nope, I was blatantly denied access. Hopefully I’ll get internet access soon, considering South Korea is home to the fastest internet speed. 

I departed from MSP, but not without eating at Shoyu, an amazing Japanese restaurant located near the entrance of concourse D. I decided on the Nabeyaki Udon, which was delicious.
DSC03777 DSC03778DSC03779
So, like several restaurants located in MSP, you order by using the iPad in front of you. Access the menu, choose your dish(es), then pay by swiping your credit card on the side. The waiter will then approach you with a receipt and a class of ice water. Ooh! It was exciting. Excuse the mess on my bowl~ DSC03780 DSC03781 DSC03784
I was fortunately able to see the sunset, which was framed beautifully. The light seeped through the floor to ceiling windows and everything just looked golden and happy and at peace.

Then on my direct flight from Seattle to Korea, I was pampered. I love international flights! There’s just more of everything, and because we, as a group of three, requested to be seated together, we were luckily put in the Economy Comfort section (we flew Delta), and there was just so much leg room. It was heavenly. Delta is indeed an amazing airline. The customer service was impeccableDSC03794
At the Incheon Airport, I saw firsthand fangirls with cameras! They were crowded around the door we were exiting from, and oh my goodness, it took all of my willpower not to stay and scope out who they were waiting for. But no, we left and got on a bus or “limousine” for an hour ride to our destination, where we got a cab and headed straight to campus. DSC03796 DSC03799
The campus is beautiful, filled to the brim with trees, bushes, stone steps, and even a cat! There are so many nooks and crannies, little pathways, tight trails along buildings, ah~ there’s so much exploring to do! DSC03800 DSC03801
We ate dinner at a pasta/spaghetti place across from campus. I swear, the people here in Korea are so incredibly kind. Everyone is so accommodating and helpful, speaking kindly and smiling hellos. Our waiter gave us a 90 degree bow on our way out, which turned me into a giddy goose.

For our three plates, the bill came up to about 22 dollars. Yes, it’s true. Eating out does not break bank here in South Korea. DSC03802 DSC03803
First dinner in Korea, and it’s pasta?! I know, I know. We couldn’t settle on a Korean restaurant because the street was lined with chicken shops, coffee shops, cake shops, and once we found a decent traditional restaurant, it was packed full. My Korean food adventure will begin tomorrow!! When I will hopefully be able to bring a Korean friend along~

Good night.

(Also, please excuse me for any mistakes. I’m dead tired and trying to organize everything and post everything on time and keep updates updated and— yeah. Wish me luck!)


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