Book: The Secret Lives of People in Love

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If you’re a romantic, read this book.
If you’re not a romantic, read this book.

I tend to shed tears easily over characters in novels, but if I don’t get emotionally invested in a character, I don’t shed em’. This collection of short stories is just something else. Each tale ranges from a couple pages to more than a couple, but yet, they all feel familiar, as if I’ve already read a previous two hundred pages of each story. The author not only made me feel like the characters were alive, he also made me feel like I’ve known them my whole life. And what results from that? Tears. Lots and lots of tears.

Dear reader, don’t fret. This isn’t a sad novel surrounding despair and love lost (though there is some of that), there is also a great deal of happiness. A happiness that is so beautiful and pure, there is really no other reaction more suited than crying tears of joy.


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