Photo Diary: Senior Photoshoot

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Camera / Photo Diary

I got the awesome opportunity to take a couple photos of my cousin Gn today! It was great, the weather was great, my shoes were great, my camera battery didn’t run out, my k1000 didn’t weird out on me, and my sweat stayed contained. Ha.

No. Other than the absolute fact that it was a wonderful day, it was horrible. Gn was wonderful too. But the weather killed us all. Dang you.

We shot at a couple nature-y locations, and this whole thing was mostly for fun because I just really wanted to try out a couple editing techniques and never stopped asking her if she was in need of a non-selfie. But don’t worry! She already has another (serious) shoot planned out with our auntie. Thanks for letting me borrowing your body Gn! ;)

Here are a couple from today.
*note: you might see some wild Elijahs on the way down.

*Elijah impersonating a cool person. DSC03508
DSC03514 DSC03543 DSC03550 DSC03574 DSC03600 DSC03641 DSC03655
My favorite steps. DSC03686 DSC03694 DSC03714 DSC03728
Saw some kids jumping from dangerously high rocks. Twas exciting to watch! DSC03730
DSC03742 DSC03758 DSC03759 DSC03764

And that’s a wrap!


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