1 Month Checklist

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South Korea / Writing

I have done it, everyone! I have done it. Let’s high five. I have survived! And now I am at the one month mark until d-day (in Korea, “d-day” is used as a kind of countdown, “d-day” being the day counted down to, and in my situation, the day I leave for South Korea).

Let’s go over the things I have completed, shall we?
1. tuition, paid
2. airplane ticket, paid
3. passport & passport holder, got it!
4. clothes, good
5. basics (water bottle, travel sized things), practically done
6. plane entertainment, brainstormed and set
7. luggage plan, check
8. official university forms filled?, yup
9. research everything, 100 times over
10. gift list, definitely
11. mental preparations?, ha!
*I just want to cry, thinking about how much money I spent. Ah, the life of a uni student.

Now what does that leave?
1. make copies of everything (passport, cards, birth certificate)
2. create a “don’t worry about me” pack for my parents (includes information on everything down to where I plan to use the restroom and the contact information of every person I speak to)
3. actually put things into my suitcase (I am planning on only taking one and half-packing it as well as bringing a carry-on)
4. informing my banks on future whereabouts
5. convert money
6. be so excited I stay up all night and then feel super grumpy and frazzled later

Looks like I’m getting closer and closer and the anticipation is killing me. I’ve been at a standstill for the last week because all I’ve been doing is “omgomgomgomgomg it’s coming! just a couple more weeeeeks!” and squealing and jumping up and down alone in my room. My life, I tell ya.

I’m excited!


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