Making Orecchiette Pasta

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Orecchiette pasta got its name from its ear shaped appearance. And boy is it delicious or what?! Shortly after discovering this amazing pasta, I decided that yes, I want it, and fine, I’ll just make it if I can’t find it.
This is really all I needed for an Alfredo Orecchiette dish (assuming there’s a chicken and broccoli in the photo somewhere)!
So I first added in a ratio of 2:1 of semolina flour and all purpose flour respectively, and then a cup of warm water. After mixing that in, I added small amounts of water until the texture was smooth and firm.
Now wrap your piece of dough in saran wrap and refrigerate for about two hours.
Then you can flour your counter (I did it with both semolina and all purpose flour) or wherever you like to roll out your dough, and begin!
Roll your dough into long strips, depending on how big you want your pasta to be.
DSC03296 DSC03295
Then take to the cutting board and get to cutting!
The way you form the orechiette is using your thumb and taking those chunks of dough that have just been under the knife and pressing down then squishing outwards. Press, squish. Press, squish. It’s easy, you’ll get the hang of it after the first three.
They’ll all look different, and that’s the great thing! There’s never really a completely wrong piece of orecchiette.
DSC03302 DSC03300
Make sure to flour your pan really nicely, like really flour your pan or your pasta will get stuck and die. I made the mistake of not flouring enough and had a hard time getting the pasta into boiling water. I resorted to using a spatula for help.
Yup, we made three pans. It was horrible after the first half. Don’t be like me. RIP thumbs. Ah, I also wanted to mention to make sure to cut your oriecchiette as thin as possible (though that probably would have resulted in two additional pans for us .. eek! make less dough!), because one piece of pasta does not look the same after all the water absorption during its boiling period. Make them a tad thinner than perfection, then they’ll be perfect! As you can see, I was getting lazy and did not make them as thin as I wanted. Again, don’t be like me.
DSC03314 DSC03317
Yay! Now combine with whatever sauce and protein you like! They are delish! Good luck in your pasta making ventures! So fun! Once you make and consume fresh pasta, life will never be the same.

Lovingly, Amanda.



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