DIY Wire Crown

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Crafty / DIY

Now, don’t worry. This is pretty simple.
First, I bought wire from Michaels. You know, the ones that look like this and can usually be found in the jewelry section. I bought a thicker silver and then a thinner gold. The sizes of the wire are personal preference.

Then, getting my wire cutters (or scissors), I sat down and wound the thicker wire around twice, making sure it fit nicely on my head, creating a base for the crown.  After I did so, I proceeded to create little upside-down ice cream cones, wrapping the ends of the cone around the double I just created. Be creative! There’s not a right way to do this. After I was finished (the little cones went all the way around the double band), I cleanly cut the wire, and closed the crown off.
With the thinner gold wire, I just simply wound it around however I liked, then cut and closed it off.

These crowns are so fun and easy to make, but be careful because fingertips + sharp wire ends = pain.


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