Making Drunken Noodles (*Pad See Ew)

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DSC03208-2Drunken noodles have always been my favorite, no lie. I vividly remember getting my makeup done at my senior photoshoot session, when my cousin emerges into the room in slow motion with a foam container of drunken noodles clasped in her hands. It was a great first encounter.

But despite my never-ending love for the dish, I don’t like it spicy, which is how it’s typically eaten. So, last night, having no dinner plans and trying to limit the days per week I eat out, I decided to give it a shot and recreate my favorite noodle dish of all time, toning down the level of spice.

Using this recipe as a base, I basically, being the cook that I am, only used it to get an inkling of the ingredients. I have a lot of experience with cooking Asian food, so if you’re a newbie (welcome!), make sure to follow the recipe and take in some of my tips.

What I did
The ingredients I used for the sauce were relatively similar to the recipe’s ingredients. I mixed sweet soy sauce, regular soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, and oyster sauce in a bowl.

As for the noodles, I chose to use flat rice flakes. Make sure not to overcook them as well as over-boil them, because they fall apart and roll up easily.

For the rest of the ingredients, I chose to include random items that were in my fridge, taking into consideration what the recipe called for:

  • garlic, minced
  • onion, sliced
  • baby bok choy, lightly sliced
  • snow peas, cut in half
  • firm tofu, cubed
  • eggs, scrambled
  • Chinese sausage, cut into slices

I also added a spoonful or two of chili oil for a small kick and a bit of powdered chicken soup base at the end after realizing that it was missing something.

Yay! The dish turned out great, was finished up in a couple minutes by my family, and tasted wonderful. If you’ve never heard of this dish before, go out and try it! Better yet, make your own ;)



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