Lunar Chronicles: Cinder Dream Cast

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I confess, this is probably more of a fangirl-driven post than anything. I love love love The Lunar Chronicles, and because the trend of Young Adult novels being converted into films is still relevant, I found myself trying to envision how they would go about turning Cinder into a motion picture. I really do hope Cinder gets the recognition it deserves, as it is full of action and adventure. And I’m sure many people would get a kick out of the whole fairytale thing it has going on. I mean, who wouldn’t want to read about a cyborg Cinderella?

The Lunar Chronicles currently have three books out and published: Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. The fourth is in the works and will be out in February 2015.

No doubt the casting of a film is important, especially when coming from a Young Adult novel, where there are thousands of fans watching every cast update. Rule of thumb: do not anger the fans.

First up, Cinder.
I’m choosing both Emma Watson and Odeya Rush.
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Everybody knows Emma. But not only is she well loved, she’s a good actress that I think could handle the tough character that Cinder is as well as her more emotional sides.
tumblr_mtmtcpnxxC1s7iru8o1_500 tumblr_n2pqwwCnBc1sf8hqgo1_1280
Odeya Rush is a rising star, best known for her roles in the The Odd Life of Timothy Green and her new film, The Giver. She’s so gorgeous and I can definitely see her portray Cinder excellently.

Next, Scarlet, Red Riding Hood.
I wasn’t really sure who to choose, but in the end, I settled on Elizabeth Olsen.
Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen is the best. I love her. And I could definitely see her as Scarlet, hair flaming red and a whole load of spirit and determination. She’s set to play the Scarlet Witch in the Avengers sequel, what a coincidence.

And Cress, Rapunzel.
The character of Cress has been definite in my head for a while now. AnnaSophia Robb.
f95e61dc7f4dbd75d91e3d7e7979c9bcI mean, honestly. She’s perfect for the role. 

Emperor Kaito, the Prince.
After pondering the role of Kaito, the shortage of young Asian American actors here in the US was brought to my attention. After that realization, I concluded that casting an Asian actor to play Kaito would be somewhat difficult  for me. Hence, Brenton Thwaites. But if an Asian actor were to cross my path and scream “I am Emperor Kaito, I would choose him. Definitely.
Brenton Thwaites is set to star in Maleficent this year and also The Giver, much like Odeya. Ooh.

Prince Kai isn’t “macho” like the other characters, and he’s not supposed to be. I think that’s part of his charm, he’s a ruler that has been weighed down by an early throne and impending threats who is handling country affairs left and right, stressed to the max.
**But if I were to choose an actor from eastern Asia regardless of what language he can speak, the young Takeshi Kaneshiro would be the one. Oh so dreamy.

Wolf, or Ze’ev Kesly.
He’s gotta be scruff and tough. I mean, he’s a wolf. Adam Gregory and Daren Kagasoff.
MV5BNjE4Nzk2MjEzMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTUwMDM5OA@@._V1_SX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_ originalThey’ve both got that bad-boy masculinity. 

Carswell Thorne
Hunter Parrish, he has that playful boyish charm that matches Carswell’s character, but also that solid build. 

Queen Levana
I didn’t struggle when faced with the task of Queen Levana’s casting. Anne Hathaway came up right away, especially because she did a fantastic job playing the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland (and she did so good as Catwoman, am I right?). I would love to see her play an evil character.

Yay! All main characters down. This is my dream cast, but really, all I want is a Cinder film (*wishes upon a star) … and eek, maybe even sequels!



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  1. kurly korean says

    i think a great cast would be using Asians, because that is how it is set, and otherwise it will lose it’s effect!
    i think “prince kai” should be played by a young kpop star…
    and “Cinder” should be played also… because when i read the book i pictured them as Asians and not Hollywood actors.
    it should be done in a ‘proper way’ because then there is no use watching the movie


    • I agree! Or a Korean actor, like Seo Kang Joon would be perfect :) If only he was fluent in English. I think I’m going to make an updated Dream Cast soon! :)



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