A Confession on Reading

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I’m just going to admit it once and for all: I’m an eReader.
Goodness! That was far harder than I thought it would be.

Hello, I’m that girl you know, but don’t really know, who likes to read paperbacks and is always constantly bragging and talking about how many books she’s read. Yes, that’s me. The girl who knows you don’t care, but still continues to talk and babble and recommend books she knows you won’t care to read. The girl who says, “Oh? That one? I’ve read it already. It’s … okay.” Yes, and hello to you.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said to another being,
“I can’t read a book online. I like how the book feels, you know? I like turning the pages and smelling the ink, the stale freshness and the sharp corners. I like running my hands along the spines of novels, randomly picking one out to just look at and appreciate it for what it is. Books are amazing and you’re not really reading if you’re not holding one in your hands.”
I was wrong. I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I mean, it’s still all true, but please, just ignore the first and last sentences. E-books have saved my life. After starting my first year at college, I found myself not reading as often as I would have liked to. It became increasingly difficult to find time to go to the library or stop by the bookstore, so I just stopped altogether. But after discovering this wonderful online reading world, everything was amazing again! I was reading one to four books a month and wanted to go out and do more things, experience more experiences, and just– live.
Holding a book in my hands still brings me feelings of peace and excitement, but it has become more of a treat. It’s just not realistic for my lifestyle and reading habits anymore. Like when I find a novel I wish to read, I want to read it as soon as possible, but most times, my library doesn’t carry it and I have to wait a week or two, or it costs twenty bucks to buy it at the bookstore. Buying it online is quicker, cheap(er), and just more reliable. I will love books until the end of time, but they will now become something more unique in my life, something rarer, and something that will bring about a change of atmosphere in times of need. Let’s two-time shall we?

*I have gotten the whole “You’re reading on that? Oh, I like reading actual books” speech from several people, and it does bother me sometimes, but hey! It’s all the same text right? Do not be discouraged, e-book friends!

**reading abeautifulmess’s photo idea book with Elijah at the bookstore, along with a Buddy Fruit (100% pure blended fruit, which is awesome and actually tastes real!), and soy milk hot cocoa.

Are there readers out there who completely understand where my jumbled thoughts are coming from?


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