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So. I’m still working through my huge stack of photos, and honestly, I’ve given up on trying to figure out what was taken when and who was taken at that one time. I’ve planned to just group everything until I no longer have any remaining photos. Phew. It’s easier and less stressful. Wish me luck. I’m about a third finished with my pile of misery.

Tonight is the Lijah edition. I have so many solo shots of him that what the heck, might as well use them all in one sitting. So I devoted two pages, a spread, to his face. Woop. DSC03092-2I’m trying to go easy on the embellishing, but it’s not working. DSC03093-2One thing I have a really hard time with is the “title” portion. I know it’s not necessary, but whenever I try to make one, I’m stumped. There are just so many possibilities!! And I am the worst person to go to when a decision needs to be made. My titles always end up looking one dimensional and just plain boring.DSC03095-2
I love the “#BUTT” one! It’s just so cute. Well, the hashtag thing, not the actual butt. But the butt’s fine too. DSC03098-2 Did I mention how much I love this ribbon? It’s gorgeous! I used it last Christmas for gift wrapping, and it’s perfect.DSC03099-3 As you can see, I’m not the most organized person. I haven’t figured out a good system yet. Like, where do I put my stamps so I can see them? Stickers? How will I organize? How are washi tapes fitting in there?? Why can’t I look through all the cards properly?

I definitely need a system. HELP. Time to look up organization videos on YouTube! DSC03102-2And here’s a shot of my desk. Ah. I hate clutter, but this kind of creative clutter is always beautiful in my eyes. Until next time.


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