Orientation: Study Abroad

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South Korea

I’m studying abroad in South Korea this summer! I’m super excited, but this will be my first time overseas, so I am definitely a little worried about my naivety. I’m that one person that sees the obvious, but doesn’t realize what it is. Honestly, I get distracted. A lot. So on orientation day, I was furiously writing down safety tips, notes, budgeting ideas, etc. And because I like to hear myself type, here they are!~

We started off with hopes and concerns.
Hopes: travel while abroad, increased understanding of a different language, gain/make friends, & earn good grades.
Concerns: running out of money, adjusting to new foods, post-adjustment in the United States, getting lost, getting around the country (language barrier), and not having time to study or not wanting to study at all.
I think that these things are what every study-abroad-er experiences and is worried about at some point. But we were all assured that these things will be easier to deal with when they happen, to not worry so much on one or several specific things. Go with the flow, you guys.

Then we discussed helpful travel tips!
1. write down the numbers of the banks you hold accounts in (also, know the websites and your login IDs & passwords)
2. copy the front AND back of all your important cards
3. know how you will pay your bills overseas (cell phone, rent?)
4. Power of Attorney?
5. notify your card company that you will be abroad
6. get local currency before your departure
7. know daily or weekly withdrawal limits on cards
8. immunizations?
9. bring enough medication for your stay
10. get the generic info of a drug if you will not be bringing it
11. see a dentist and schedule a physical before you leave
12. carry your insurance card with you
13. buy a money belt & keep about $30 with you along with your passport and important cards
14. use the Smart Traveler app
15. Packing: dark colored clothing, power/adapters/converters, save room for souvenirs, conservative clothing, feminine products, motion sickness remedy, anti-diarrhea medication, and hand sanitizer.


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