Making Gingerbread Houses!

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This was a pain. A lot of hard work goes into these houses that will wither away on the counter or get ferociously ripped apart and eaten. It’s all worth it though, trust me.


This Christmas, I was hoping to do something more Christmas-y than I had ever done. And of course, I decided on making gingerbread houses! What a treat! This was my first time making a house ever since kindergarten in Cali, and I was determined to make it right. Scouring the net, I decided on a template, a royal icing recipe, and a gingerbread cookie recipe. It was all set. Until there was too much Christmas cheer that I didn’t have enough time to do it all and enjoy it. So in the end, I didn’t do it.

Until the day after Christmas. And I did it. What a relief. The whole building and icing process took about 2 hours, and the cookie making about 1.

It would have been way prettier if it was mixed in a mixer.

Just way prettier. But eh, we can’t have it all. Always satisfying to knead some dough though.


We had a couple things for decorating, but nevertheless, candy is expensive. Especially candy that’s going to be used to decorate something and will most likely not be eaten and enjoyed to the greatest extent. 

Yes, the process was tiring. Yes, it was something done after a long day. Yes, my walls fell down a couple times (and the roof). But yes, the frosting hardened. And yes, it turned out great! I’m happy with how the houses turned out, Elijah decided to take the “manly” route and went with the log house while I decided to take the classic sweet approach.


I forgot to put icing on the walls and the back before forming the house, but oh well. It still looks fine, right? I shall jot that down for next year!~ (oh gosh, am I doing this next year? Oh the nightmares~)


These houses are now just sitting on the dining room table until some daring soul decides to take a first bite. Merry Christmas!


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