Christmas Party Decorations

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Crafty / Loved Ones

My group of friends planned to throw a Christmas party complete with Secret Santa, White Elephant, and a big dinner! I was ecstatic and definitely wanted to help with the decorations!

Now, this was going to take place at a typical college-boy-owned house, and I wanted it to still be as magical as it could be. I chose to make this balloon-string-thingy that would cover the wall and also be able to be illuminated by the white lights behind it. I had first chosen to string the lights across the ceiling, going back and forth between walls, but the duct tape I was using was not holding it up well. Everything was falling, and shh~ one of the ornaments broke on the pool table. We cleaned it all up of course, but another broke in the corner. Oh goodness. I should have bought some heavy duty hooks. But this is how I improvised: stringing the lights behind the balloons for a fantasy-like effect and just lining it on the walls. It wasn’t my original vision, but it was still a great sight!


The party went along beautifully and the food was scrumptious!


Our games of Secret Santa and White Elephant went very well~ I guessed right on one and wrong on the other. Oh goodness, I’m not the best at guessing games~ Good night ♥ and Merry Christmas! My finals are done and over with, thank goodness.



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