Khaub Piaj/Khao Pia for Lunch

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I made some khaub piaj for lunch today! I wish I voluntarily did it, but my mom told me to this morning before she left for the store. Making this dish is easy. It’s simple and fast, but delicious and hearty. My mom pre-made the noodles for me, but I made the broth.

For the noodles, I believe it is just a simple combination of rice flour and glutinous rice flour. They are typically packaged in clear bags with red (for the rice flour) and green (for the glutinous rice flour) lettering and decoration on the front and back. Use about a cup of each bag.

For the broth, I threw in a stalk of lemongrass, a lime leaf, a fourth of an onion, and a chunk of ginger for boiling. At almost the boiling point, I put in the chicken. You can use as much or as little as you’d like. Just make sure to match the amount with the amount of water. It should cover the chicken and have extra space for noodles. I would advise you to just boil the chicken pieces without cutting them, because after they’re cooked, you then would then take the chicken out and shred it by hand. That’s how my mother always did it, and I think it tastes the best that way.

Add some salt and pepper, and if you think you need it, some chicken flavor powder or a cube or so. Make sure to keep tasting.

Then after the chicken has been shredded, add in the noodles, then the chicken (as it’s already cooked).

Voila! A yummy, thick, noodle soup! I usually garnish with cilantro and green onion. Also, I like to add in soy sauce for an extra oomph and sprinkle more black pepper on top. Enjoy!


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